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With over 40 years of experience in the industy, Jackson Powertrain offers automotive services in its highest standards. We provide rebuilding AT, CVT, Torque Converters, and SDG.

  • Remove from car and dismantle.
  • Wash in hot chemical washing machine and high pressure cleaning.
  • Inspect for worn out or damage components.
  • Replace Clutch set, steel plate set, Oil seals, O-Rings, pistons , brake bands, bushes, bearings, thrust washers, filter and transmission fluid.
  • Service of valve-body and solenoids-replace if necessary.
  • Rebuild torque converter.
  • Assemble transmission, check for pressure leak and reinstalled to vehicle .
  • Test drive and final inspection before car is release.
  • All components are test with our in-house equipment before assembly.
  • All parts used meet manufacturers specification.

Torque Converter Rebuilt

  • Torque converter is sliced open, washed and inspected.
  • Replace thrust washer, bearing and lock-up clutch.
  • Welded back with automatic welder machine with precision accuracy.
  • Leak, balance, lock-up clearance test will be done with special equipments before re-installation.

Valve-body Services

  • Valve-body is carefully dismantle, cleaned and inspected.
  • Check Solenoids with solenoids tester.
  • Replace internal parts will be replaced.
  • Reinstall valve-body and final check with valve-body tester.

Lorry Leasing

  • Leasing of New & Used commercial Vehicles
  • Cheapest Monthly rates in the market
  • Vehicle Servicing
  • Repair of wear and Tear parts
  • Distributor of :
    • AP Racing brake kits
    • KW Suspensions
    • ST Suspensions
    • Suspension Tuning

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