Comprehensive Automatic Transmission – Test Machinery

With over 40 years of experience in the industy, Jackson Powertrain offers automotive services in its highest standards. We provide rebuilding AT, CVT, Torque Converters, and SDG.

Automatic Transmission Rebuilt

  • Remove from car and dismantle.
  • Wash in hot chemical washing machine and high pressure cleaning.
  • Inspect for worn out or damage components.
  • Replace Clutch set, steel plate set, Oil seals, O-Rings, pistons , brake bands, bushes, bearings, thrust washers, filter and transmission fluid.
  • Service of valve-body and solenoids-replace if necessary.
  • Rebuild torque converter.
  • Assemble transmission, check for pressure leak and reinstalled to vehicle .
  • Test drive and final inspection before car is release.
  • All components are test with our in-house equipment before assembly.
  • All parts used meet manufacturers specification.

Torque Converter Rebuilt

  • Torque converter is sliced open, washed and inspected.
  • Replace thrust washer, bearing and lock-up clutch.
  • Welded back with automatic welder machine with precision accuracy.
  • Leak, balance, lock-up clearance test will be done with special equipments before re-installation.

Valve-body Services

  • Valve-body is carefully dismantle, cleaned and inspected.
  • Check Solenoids with solenoids tester.
  • Replace internal parts will be replaced.
  • Reinstall valve-body and final check with valve-body tester.

Transmission Fluid Change

  • All packages include replacement of transmission fluids , filter and sump gasket.
  • All fluids are of originals or meets car manufacturers specifications.

Hybrid Batteries

  • Specialises in toyota hybrid batteries.
  • Replacement of entire hybrid battery module.
  • Hybrid battery diagnosis to identify faulty battery cells.

Lorry Leasing

  • Leasing of New & Used commercial Vehicles
  • Cheapest Monthly rates in the market

Workshop Services

  • Vehicle Servicing
  • Repair of wear and Tear parts
  • Distributor of :
    • AP Racing brake kits
    • KW Suspensions
    • ST Suspensions
    • Suspension Tuning

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