What’s included with our Oil Change Service Package?

At Jackson Powertrain, we provide you with the best quality of service. Our oil and filter change package includes oil level inspection, change the oil using full Synthetic Oil 4 Litres [type of oil used is Lubrex or Shell Helix Ultra – 5W40 motor oil] , Engine Oil Filter, Top up Wiper Washer, Top up Coolant fluid and Computer Diagnostics check. In addition to this, we also include a Full Car Safety Point Check so that you can be sure that your vehicle is safe and secure. We understand how important it is for your car to be in top condition, so we make sure to take all the necessary steps required including conventional oil where applicable to ensure that your vehicle is safe and running smoothly. With our Oil Change car Service Package, you can rest assured knowing that your vehicle is receiving the highest quality of care and attention.

How often do I need an engine oil change?

The recommended oil change interval is to change your oil for every 8,000 to 10,000 Kilometers driven; 5000 miles between oil changes or just change every 6 months whichever comes first. You can book your next oil and oil filter change with us here.

Why regular oil changes are essential to maintain your car’s performance?

Regular oil changes are essential to maintain your car’s performance because the quality motor oil in your car is responsible for lubricating all moving parts within the engine, and when it becomes contaminated with dust and dirt, it can cause serious damage. Regular frequency of oil changes will help keep your car engine clean and running smoothly, allowing it to last longer and perform better. When you get your oil changed, you are replacing the old and dirty oil with fresh new oil that has been specifically designed for your vehicle transmission. This helps to ensure that all of the components in the engine are receiving the lubrication they need in order to continue working efficiently. In addition to this, regularly checking your engine oil can help you save money on costly repairs or replacement parts by catching any potential issues before they become too big of a problem. Therefore, investing in regular oil changes will not only help keep your car running smoothly but also save you car maintenance fees in the long run. Do not wait till you see the oil warning light on your dashboard before realizing that your car needs an oil change near and quick..

How long does an oil change service typically take?

45 minutes An oil change service typically takes around 45 minutes. Depending on the type of oil and filter change, it may take a bit longer. For example, an oil change plus service requires more time to access the oil and filter and may take up to 45 minutes. It is important to keep in mind that some vehicles require more time than others due to their size and design. Before arriving at the car workshop for your oil change, make sure you estimate the amount of time it will take so you are not caught off guard. The process includes draining old engine oil and filter change, adding new motor oil, and topping off all other essential fluids as needed. This routine maintenance ensures optimal performance of your vehicle’s engine and helps maintain its life expectancy.

How much does oil change service cost?

S$88 Nett Common oil change prices vary depending on the type of vehicle and type of oil used. Generally, a basic oil change will cost S$88 nett for car oil change service. The price for an oil change also depends on what services are included. Some places offer full service oil change with additional maintenance services such as tire rotation and air filter replacement for an added fee. Additionally, certain types of vehicles may require conventional motor oil, special filters or synthetic oils that could add more to the cost. When getting an oil change, it is important to make sure the technician is using the correct type and amount of blend or full synthetic oil for your vehicle in order to ensure optimal performance and fuel economy.

Visit Jackson Powertrain for Oil Change Service You Can Trust

When it comes to your car, you want to make sure you are getting the best oil change service available. Jackson Powertrain provides hight quality and professional workmanship that you can trust. With our experienced technicians, we use the highest quality fully synthetic oil and oil filter to ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly. Our offer includes full synthetic motor oil changes for those who prefer this type of oil service. During an oil change, our technicians will check for any oil leak, drain the dirty oil from your car’s engine and replace it with fresh, clean synthetic blend oil. This helps keep your engine in top condition and ensures that you get the most out of every mile. No matter what different types of oil or how often your automobile engine oil needs changing, Jackson Powertrain has the right solution for you. Book an engine oil change today and rest easy knowing that your vehicle will be running at its best.