Our Service


Transmission Rebuild/ Remanufacture

Remove and Installation Area

AT Dismantling Section

Detailed Inspection

Transmission Dyno Test

Torque Converter Rebuilding

Inspection & Quality Control


Our service includes the following:
  • Automatic Transmission Rebuild
  • Torque Converter Rebuild
  • Replacement of Transmission Solenoids
  • Replacement of Valve Body Assembly
  • Servicing of Transmission Valve Body
  • Dyno Testing of Auto-Transmission
  • Auto-Transmission Oil Change
  • Auto-Transmission Servicing
    *Includes Oil & Filter Replacement
  • General Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance
    *Includes Oil & Filter Replacement
  • Car Repairs & Inspection
  • Auto Gearbox Repair

To Give A Peace Of Mind To Customers, We Warrant All Our Services.

All overhaul transmission service

1 Year Warranty or 30,000km (whichever comes first)

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